A love letter to (the people of) Extinction Rebellion
(and listen as bonus to a song about hope: “Where can we grow from here

We drop it, ‘cause it’s hot

This week I was, once again,  part of beautiful action. With Extinction Rebellion Utrecht we organised, and successfully executed, a banner drop from Hollands Highest Churchtower. 

Tell the truth

The banner, of 50 square meters, showed Utrechts precious Nijntje (Miffy), watching over the city, floating upon the disastrous results of global warming. While still trying to keep her head above water her message echoed the alarm bell that Utrechts Local government rang one and a   half year ago: “Klimaatcrisis” (Climate Crisis).

Act now

Because although we are very happy that Utrecht acknowledged the conclusions of science and common sense, they still fall short on taking the necessary actions to inform their citizens and change their destructive policies. And because they didn’t take action, we did.

Let citizens decide

By dropping this banner we want to inform the citizens of Utrecht that we are in a climate and ecological crisis. And we also call upon the government to listen to their citizens. Ordinary people with an agenda beyond politics. Citizens that are worried about their future, that of the next generations and the future of this beautiful town. 

We are just ordinary people

The action was both simple and impressive. Make a banner, climb the tower, hang and drop the banner, make some beautiful pictures, put them on the socials and make that, including some hashtags, trending. And we did. Not just by the heroic outburst of a few, but by the consistent effort of many.


Within Extinction Rebellion we are not looking for heroes. Just ordinary people, with a heart for this world. Who are willing to sacrifice time and talent to be the change they want to see. 

Beautiful in it’s energie, beautiful in it’s synergy 

Whether it’s the effort of those who are set to be arrestable. Or whether it’s the ones to greet them coming out of jail. Whether it’s the ones who are using their verbal skills to reach out to politics and the public. Or those that use their art to make us visually known. Together we make the rebellion beautiful. Together we are fusing into one big movement. Strong by it’s diversity. 

And that’s why I love you. 

People from many different backgrounds come together. Bringing their good and their goodness. Their passion and their care. They inspire me to believe that this world can be better. That it has to be better. For all of us. 

Together we form the essential gears of the clock that tells us that time is running out. But also the sprockets of the machine that can turn the tide. 


We are nature protecting itself. We are the citizens assembled. We have looked into the future. And it could be hell. But also heaven. 


But wherever we go, let it be with you. Because what use is saving the  world, when you are not in it holding my hand and touching my heart.

So tell me darling, where do we go from here?


Bonus: A song.

where can we grow from here
(about hope)

Where can we grow from here



My darling you wrote


Our future in the sand

D Bm

You spoke words like an angel


But I just couldn’t understand


How heaven was closed 

By the end of innocence 

Hope had flown

From the hearts of men



Sometimes it seems like the end is near

D Em A

So where can we go from here


My mouth was filled

With a bitter tast 

The sky was burning

The land laid waste


The gods will not help us

They lay dead in their graves

Many of us have turned their

Faces away


Sometimes it seem…


You started planting

Flowers in the sand

“Love will grow

From the broken we mend”



“Sometimes it seems like the end is near

D Em A

But still we will grow from here”